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Applebee’s breakfast menu contains various types of items like Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, Fiesta Chicken Chopped Salad, Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad, Thai Shrimp Salad, and much more.

So if you like to have an Applebee’s breakfast in the morning or at a fast time then you must visit Applebee’s to check out Applebee’s breakfast menu.

But if you don’t want to go to Applebee’s and wanna check the whole Applebee’s breakfast menu on your mobile or pc then here I will give you all Applebee’s breakfast menus with a price.

So just check out this article and find out your favorite fast food.

Applebee’s Breakfast Menu

Salad Price
Thai Shrimp Salad $10.69
Oriental Chicken Salad $10.49
Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad $10.49
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad $10.29
Fiesta Chicken Chopped Salad $10.49
Burger Price
All-Day Brunch Burger $10.99
Beer Garden All-In Burger $10.79
The American Standard Burger $9.99
The Blazin’ Texan $11.29
Triple Bacon Burger $10.99
Classic Burger $8.99

Applebee’s Menu

Applebee’s offer an Appetizer, Steaks & Ribs, Chicken, Pasta, Seafood, Handcrafted Burger, Sandwich & more, salad, Kid Menu, and more in Applebee’s menu.

So here check out the whole Applebee menu.


Classic Dip Trio Breadsticks with alfredo sauce Neighborhood Nachos Beef
White Queso Dip & Chips Neighborhood Nachos Chipotle lime chicken The classic Cambo
Chicken quesadilla Chicken Wonton tacos Spinach + Artichoke dip
Double crunch bone-in wings Boneless wings Brewpub pretzels + beer cheese dip
Crunchy onion rings Mozzarella Sticks Chips + Salsa
Soups & Salads

Steaks Ribs

6 oz. top Sirloin 8 oz. top Sirloin 12 oz. Ribeye
Shrimp’n parmesan sirloin Double glazed baby back ribs Half rack double glazed baby back ribs
Bourbon street steak Applebees riblets platter Riblet plate


Bourbon street chicken & shrimp Fiesta lime chicken Chicken tenders platter
Chicken tenders plate Grilled chicken breast


Classic broccoli chicken alfredo Classic blackened shrimp alfredo Three cheese chicken penne
Four cheese mac & cheese with honey pepper chicken tenders


Blackened cajun salmon Hand-battered fish & chips Double crunch shrimp

Handcrafted Burgers

Classic bacon cheeseburger Classic cheeseburger Whisky bacon burger
Quesadilla Burger Classic Burger

Sandwiches & More

Bacon cheddar grilled chicken sandwich Clubhouse Grille The prime rip dipper
Chicken fajita rollup Oriental chicken salad wrap Oriental grilled chicken salad wrap


Strawberry balsamic chicken salad Tuscan garden chicken salad Blackened shrimp caesar salad
Crispy chicken tender salad Grilled chicken tender salad Grilled chicken caesar salad
Oriental chicken salad Grilled Oriental chicken salad

Irresist – A – Bowls

Southwest chicken bowl Tex Mex shrimp bowl

Kids Menu

Kids cheesy pizza Kids chicken tenders Kids chicken Quesadilla
Kids corn dog Kids grilled chicken alfredo Kids chicken taco
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Kids Cheeseburger

2 For $22

2 for $22 (Price may vary by location or selection)

Beer And Wine

6- Packs Single beer Wine

Non – Alcoholic Beverages

Flavored Teas Flavored lemonades Fountain Drinks
Lemonades – Serves 6-8 Iced tea – Serves 6-8 Brewed sweet iced tea
Fresh Brewed coffee Decaffeinated Coffee

Signature Cocktails

New blue aloha mana margarita New strawberry coconut margarita Shark bowl
Captain Bahama mama Blue Hawaiian long island iced tea House cocktails
Top shelf long island tea Cuervo mucho margaritas


Brownie bite Blue ribbon brownie Triple chocolate meltdown
Sizzlin caramel appleblondie


Add breadstick Side crunchy onion rings Basket of fries
Side garlic mashed potatoes Side four-cheese mac + cheese Side garlicky green beans
Side steamed broccoli Side homestyle cheesy broccoli


Chicken tender – serves 6+8 Chips + salsa – serves 6-8 Boneless wings (serves 3-5)
Boneless wings (serves 6-8) Boneless wings (serves 10-12) Double crunch bone-in wings (serves 6-8)
Double crunch bone-in wings (serves 10-12) Double crunch bone-in wings (serves 14-16) Mozzarella sticks – serves 6-8

Does Applebee’s have a breakfast menu

Yes, Applebee’s have a breakfast menu and it includes a Thai Shrimp Salad, Oriental Chicken Salad, Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad, Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, Fiesta Chicken Chopped Salad, All-Day Brunch Burger, Beer Garden All-In Burger, The American Standard Burger, Triple Bacon Burger, and Classic Burger in breakfast.

Applebee’s Burger Menu

Burger Price
All-Day Brunch Burger $10.99
Beer Garden All-In Burger $10.79
The American Standard Burger $9.99
The Blazin’ Texan $11.29
Triple Bacon Burger $10.99
Classic Burger $8.99

Applebee’s Seafood Menu

There are three items available in Applebee’s seafood menu (Blackened cajun salmon, Hand-battered fish & chips, and Double crunch shrimp )

These are all special items for Applebee’s seafood menu like many customers so if you wanna have Applebee’s seafood so you can purchase any one from these three items.

Blackened cajun salmon (630 Cals): 6 oz blackened salmon fillet grilled to perfection. served with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli

Hand-battered fish & chips (1080 Cals): Golden crispy battered fish with fries. Comes with our signature coleslaw and lemon wedge.

Double crunch shrimp (1130 Cals): Crispy battered shrimp are fried golden brown. Served with cocktail sauce, signature coleslaw, and fries.

Applebee’s Breakfast Menu

Applebee’s Breakfast Hours

Applebee’s serves breakfast from 7:00 am to 12:00 am (5 hours) in this time you can purchase Applebee’s breakfast and enjoy a delicious and tasty breakfast at Applebee’s.

Applebee’s Menu Specials or Applebee’s Specials

  • Chicken Tenders Plate
  • Classic Cheeseburger
  • Fiesta Lime Chicken
  • Southwest Steak Bowl
  • Chicken Tenders Platter
  • Classic Broccoli Chicken Alfredo
  • Half Rack Double-glazed Baby Back Ribs
  • 6 Oz. Top Sirloin
  • 8 Oz. Top Sirloin
  • Bourbon Street Chicken and Shrimp

Applebee’s Customer Service

1 (888) 592-7753

Applebee’s Near Me

Final words

Above all the details was about the Applebee’s breakfast menu, Hope you got all the items from Applebee’s breakfast menu which you are looking for.

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Applebee’s breakfast menu frequently ask question

Does Applebee's make breakfast?

Yes Applebee's make breakfast for you to enjoy delicious and tasty breakfast at Applebee's from 07:00 am – 12:00 pm.

What is the healthiest meal at Applebees?

There are many items are healthiest meal at Applebees like Chicken Wonton Tacos, Double-Glazed Baby Back Ribs, Thai Shrimp Salad and much more which are good for your health.

What can I eat at Applebee's on a diet?

If you are on diet and wanna eat at Applebee's so you should choose Thai Shrimp Salad, Pepper-Crusted Sirloin + Whole Grains, Cedar Salmon with Maple Mustard Glaze and more from salad list.

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