Golden Krust Breakfast Menu Prices 2022

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Golden Krust Breakfast Menu

Golden Krunch Breakfast Menu

Ackee & Saltfish Callaloo & Saltfish
Saltfish Cornmeal Porridge

Golden Krust Breakfast Hours

6:30 am to 10:00 am on Monday to Saturday

7:30 AM – 6 PM on Sunday

Mostly Golden Krust serves breakfast from 6:30 am to 10:00 am on Monday to Saturday and 7:30 AM – 6 PM on Sunday

Golden Krust Breakfast menu

Golden Krust Menu Lunch Special

BBQ Chicken $5.99
Curry Chicken $5.99
Stew Chicken $5.99
Vegetarian Chunks/Tofu $5.99
Curry Goat $7.99
Jerk Chicken $7.99

Golden Krust Catering Menu

Golden Krust Main Dishes

Jerk Chicken Braised Oxtail
Fried Chicken Brown stew chicken
BBQ chicken BBQ chicken wings
Jerk chicken wings Jerk pork
Curried goat Curried chicken

Golden Krust Side Dishes

Rice & Peas Steamed vegetable
Fried sweet Plantains
Tossed salad Mac & Cheese
Spinach rice Yellow rice
White rice

About Golden Krust

Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery, Inc. is a Caribbean Fast-casual restaurant founded in 1989; 32 years ago The Bronx, New York City, United States by the Lowell Hawthorne and family.

Golden Krust Headquarters 3958 Park Avenue, Bronx NY 10457 and has 120 locations all over the United States, Canada.

Golden Krust Menu Prices

Food Price

Golden Krust Breakfast Menu

Porridge $4.49
Ackee & Saltfish $11.48
Liver $6.98

Golden Krust Top Menu Items Menu

 Braised Oxtail Meal $17.62
Jerk Chicken Meal $11.79

Golden Krust Reggae First Meals Menu

1/4 Jerk Chicken $6.09

Golden Krust Popular Items Menu

Braised Oxtail $15.80
Oxtail $12.88
Curried Chicken $9.46
Jerk Chicken $9.72
Curried Goat $11.86
Curry Chicken $8.14
Stew Chicken $9.10
Curry Goat $12.02
Mac & Cheese $4.70
Callaloo & Saltfish $8.97

Golden Krust Pastries Menu

Bun & Cheese $4.53
Bread Pudding $2.56
Spice Bun $6.26
Tutti Frutti $2.42
Duck Bread $8.16
Bulla Cakes $3.74
Carrot Cake $3.84
Rum Cake $4.15
Round Bun $2.13
Sugar Bun $2.30
Tutti Fruitti $2.14
Sliced Cakes $2.51
Rock Cake $2.15
Gizzarda $2.19
Fruit Cake $4.10
Sliced Cake $2.71
Tutti-Fruiti $2.17

Golden Krust Mains Menu

Brown Stew Chicken $9.38

Golden Krust Soups Menu

Soup Of The Day $5.55
Soup $4.04

Golden Krust Everything jerk Menu

Jerk Wings $4.99
Jerk Pork $10.12

Golden Krust Patties Menu

Chee-Zee Beef Patty $3.02
Vegetable $2.81
Beef Patty $2.78
Krust Patty $2.12
Mild Beef Patty $2.76
Cocktail Patty $12.38
Chicken Patty $2.79
Spicy Beef Patty $2.96
Jerk Chicken Patty $2.88
Curry Chicken Patty $2.52
Shrimp Patty $3.09
Vegetable Patty $2.76
Krust $1.54
Soya Patty $2.22
 Cocktail Patties $10.15
Spinach Patty $2.91

Golden Krust Reggae Fest Meals Menu

Fried Chicken $9.32

Golden Krust Side Orders Menu

Fried Dumpling $1.14
Fried Plantain $2.58
Fried Plantains $3.11
White Rice $3.26
Steamed Vegetables $3.34
Rice & Peas $4.11
Festival $1.32
Dumpling $0.69

Golden Krust Desserts Menu

Banana Cake $3.42

Golden Krust Salad Menu

Jerk Chicken Salad $5.77

Golden Krust Bread & Pastries Menu

Coconut Cake $3.10

Golden Krust Bread Menu

Hard Dough Bread $4.57
Whole Wheat Bread $4.45
Coco Bread $1.58

Golden Krust Roti Menu

Roti Skin $3.92
Curried Goat Roti $12.81
Oxtail Roti $16.11

Golden Krust Beverages Menu

Bottled Water $1.51
Tropical Rhythm $2.84
Tropical Rhythms $2.71
Coconut Water $3.93
D & G Sodas $2.35
Natural Juice $3.83
Ting $2.82
Water $1.26

Golden Krust Sides Menu

Plantains $2.56

Golden Krust Homemade Juices Menu

Ginger Beer $4.18
Sorrel $5.10
Fruit Punch $3.00

Golden Krust Drinks Menu

D & G Soda $2.69
Bigga Soda $2.35
Can Soda $1.56

Golden Krust Customer Service

Golden Krust Corporate Office
3958 Park Avenue
Bronx, NY 10457

Phone (718) 655-7878
Fax (718) 583-1883

Golden Krust Near Me

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