kfc breakfast menu australia 2022

KFC breakfast menu Australia

KFC breakfast menu Australia: Welcome to the KFC breakfast menu and I provide the best KFC breakfast menu list so you can see KFC breakfast menu prices let,s check the breakfast menu I hope you like our menu

KFC breakfast menu Australia

below you can see the KFC breakfast menu list I hope you like our menu

KFC breakfast



Go Bucket Popcorn Chicken $3,95
Go Bucket 1 Original Tender $3,95
Go Bucket 2 Wicked Wings $3,95
Go Bucket 3 Nuggets $3,95
Original Supercharged Slider $2,95
Original Pepper Mayo Slider $2,95
Original BBQ Slider $2,95
3 Wicked Wings $3,95

About KFC in Australia

In 1930, KFC was founded with the help of Harland Sanders, a native of Kentucky, United States, KFC is now the second-largest food chain worldwide, measured by sales, ranking second place behind McDonald’s.

KFC breakfast menu Australia: They operated within America over the course of 38 years and earned the trust of many chicken lovers before they took the highly profitable decision of expanding their business globally to Australia.

1968 In 1968, the KFC brand introduced 1968 the KFC menu first at a location in Australia at Guildford, Sydney. As you can observe this was the beginning of a nationwide KFC takeover.

official site: www.kfc.com.au


Does KFC do breakfast in Australia?

KFC Australia has finally dipped its toes into the fast-food breakfast market, offering breakfast-only menu items that are available in certain outlets. The company has also announced that KFC Australia is expanding its breakfast menu to include hashbrowns, donut sticks, brekkie-themed chicken Twisters along with coffee.

What is the KFC breakfast menu?

Original Recipe Fried Chicken with smoked bacon cheese and a free-range egg in a breaded bun PS2.49, PS3.49 as a dinner) Bacon Roll 3 rashers bacon inside a roll that is floured, PS1.75. Bacon and Egg Roll Two rashers of bacon and a free-range egg inside a floured roll, PS1.99.

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