Mcdonalds Philippines Breakfast Menu Prices 2022

Mcdonald Breakfast Breakfast Menu offers various types of items for your Breakfast like 3pc. Hotcakes, Sausage McMuffin with Egg, Hash Browns, Sausage Platter with Rice, and more.

So if you like to have a Mcdonalds Breakfast Breakfast then you must visit the Mcdonalds Breakfast to have this type of Mcdonalds Breakfast.

But before visiting the Mcdonalds you must know about the all Mcdonalds Breakfast Menu with its price.

So if you wanna check what Mcdonald’s Breakfast Menu contains for you and what is the price for Breakfast items then you must check out this post which gives you all the details about Mcdonald Breakfast Menu.

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Mcdonald Philippines breakfast menu

3pc. Hotcakes 2pc. Hotcakes with Sausage
Sausage McMuffin with egg Cheesy Eggdesal
Hash Browns Egg McMuffin
Sausage Platter with Rice

About Mcdonald’s

McDonald’s is an American fast-food company founded on May 15, 1940; 81 years ago in San Bernardino, California by Richard and Maurice McDonald and its Headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

McDonald’s have 38695 location all over the Worldwide (Over 119 countries) area.

McDonald’s offers Hamburgers, chicken, french fries, soft drinks, soft serves, milkshakes, salads, desserts, pancakes, coffee, breakfast, and wraps.

mcdo breakfast menu philippines

Mcdo breakfast menu price list the Philippines

Mcdo breakfast menu price list in the Philippines starts from p37.00 and ends on p232, At this price whole Mcdo breakfast sell-by Mcdonald’s in the Philippines.

There are many items covered by Mcdonald’s in its breakfast, So check the whole Mcdonald’s breakfast price list below.



Sausage w/ Egg & Hash Brown rice bowl P154.00
2-pc. Mushroom Pepper Steak w/Garlic rice & Egg bowl P138.00
2-pc. Mushroom Pepper Steak w/Garlic rice & Hash Brown & Egg bowl P168.00
2-pc. Hotcakes P73.00
2-pc. Spicy Chicken w/ Rice & Egg P201.00
Chicken McDo & Hotcakes w/Hash Browns P176.00
1 pc. Chicken w/Rice, Egg & Hash Brown P163.00
2 pc. Spicy Chicken w/Rice, Egg & Hash Brown P232.00
Cheesy Eggdesal w/ Sausage & Hash Browns P132.00
McCrispy Chicken fillet ala king w/rice, Egg & Hash Browns P154.00
Hash Browns P37.00
1-pc. Mushroom Pepper steak w/Garlic Rice, Hash Brown & Egg Bowl P138.00
1-pc. Mushroom Pepper steak w/Garlic Rice & Egg Bowl P113.00
Longganisa w/Egg & hash Brown Rice Bowl P154.00
1-pc. Spicy Chicken w/ Rice & Egg P136.00
2-pc. Hotcakes & Sausage w/ Hash Browns P143.00
Spicy Chicken McDo & Hotcakes w/ Hash Browns P179.00
1-pc. Spicy Chicken w/ Rice, Egg & Hash Browns P166.00
Big breakfast P157.00
Cheesy Eggdesal w/ Ham & Hash Browns P120.00
McCrispy Chicken fillet w/ Rice, Egg & Hash Browns P154.00
Egg McMuffin w/ hash Browns P135.00
Sausage McMuffin w/ Egg & Hash Browns P144.00

Mcdonald’s breakfast time the Philippines

All-day and anytime

Now the Mcdonald’s offers breakfast anytime in a day so there is no need to cut off at 10:30 cause you will get a Mcdonald’s breakfast anytime and all day.

To deliver the Mcdonald’s breakfast you can dial 8888-MCDO (6236) or can order via GrabFood or Foodpanda.

Mcdonald’s Customer Service

You can mail the Mcdonald’s Philippines to share your query [email protected].

Mcdonald’s near me

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McDonald’s Philippines Breakfast Menu FAQ

What time is McDonald's breakfast the Philippines?

McDonald's serve breakfast in the Philippines all day and anytime you can visit the McDonald's anytime to get a breakfast.

What can you find on the McDonald's menu in the Philippines?

You will find many items in McDonald's menu like 3pc. hotcakes, 2pc. hotcakes with sausage, sausage McMuffin with egg and more.

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