Nation’s Breakfast Menu Prices 2022

Nation’s Breakfast Menu offers various types of items for your Breakfast like hamburgers, Cheeseburger, Harvester, Wild Salmon, and more.

So if you like to have a Nation’s Breakfast then you must visit the Nation’s to have this type of Nation’s Breakfast.

But before visiting the Nation’s you must know about the all Nation’s Breakfast Menu with its price.

So if you wanna check what Nation’s Breakfast Menu contains for you and what is the price for Breakfast items then you must check out this post which gives you all the details about Nation’s Breakfast Menu.

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Nation’s Breakfast Menu

Nation’s The Giants Menu

Hamburger Lettuce Wrap (No Bun)
Cheeseburger Bacon Cheeseburger
Harvester Grilled Chicken
Wild Salmon Ole Hamburger
Chili Hamburger Grilled Ham & Cheese
Grilled Cheese Hot Dog
Chili Dog Chili Cheese Dog
Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato

Nation’s Hearty Breakfast Menu

Giant 2-Egger Jr. Giant 1-Egger
Extra Giant 3-Egger Cheese Omelette
Meat Omelette Meat Cheese Omelette
Cheese Omelette (A La Carte) Meat Omelette (A La Carte)
Meat & Cheese Omelette (a la Carte) Plain A la Carte Omelette
French Toast Pancakes
Extra Large AA Egg Toast
Hash Browns Side of Meat
Side of Meat (1/2 Portion)

Nation’s Breakfast Menu Time

7:30 am and 11:00 am

Usually, Nation’s breakfast is served between 7:30 am and 11:00 am, So if you wanna have breakfast at Nation’s then you must visit the Nation’s between 7:30 am and 11:00 am.

nation's  Breakfast Menu

About Nation’s

Nation’s is Fast food restaurant founded in San Pablo, California, USA (1952; 69 years ago) and its Headquarters is at 11090 San Pablo Avenue, Suite 200.

Nation’s breakfast menu prices

Item Size Price

Nation’s The Giants Menu

Hamburger the original giant hamburger. $3.85
Cheeseburger the original plus 2 thick cheese slices. $4.45
Bacon Cheeseburger 3 thick slices of bacon added! $5.95
Harvester tasty meatless patty. add zesty pickle slices. $3.95
Grilled Chicken a large, lean fillet. $4.75
Wild Salmon wild alaskan salmon patty. $5.25

Nation’s Filling Favorites Menu

Chili Hamburger open-faced. a hamburger & chili lover’s delight. $5.10
Grilled Ham & Cheese with everything… a hefty ham portion. $4.20
Grilled Cheese with everything… there’s no other like it! $3.20
Hot Dog all-beef franks. $2.50
Chili Dog smothered in chili. $3.75
Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato 4 thick bacon slices! $4.00

Nation’s Meal-Makers Menu

Fries cooked in canola oil. $1.70
Chili Fries always hit the spot. $3.45
Bowl Of Chili rich & meaty. $2.10

Nation’s Extras Menu

Bacon 3 thick slices. $1.50
Cheese 2 thick slices. $0.60
Ole 2 mild green chiles. $0.50

Nation’s Thick Shakes & Beverages Menu

Thick Shake vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, java. $2.40 – $3.35
Sundae $1.40
Soda / Iced Tea $1.55 – $1.95
Milk $1.00
Coffee Blends $1.45
Hot Tea / Cocoa $1.25
Orange Juice $1.75
Bottled Water $1.25

Nation’s Customer Service

please call 800-333-8536.

Nation’s Near Me

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