Omega Restaurant Breakfast Menu Prices 2022

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Omega Restaurant Breakfast Menu

Omega Restaurant The Chicken Coop Menu

One egg One egg with bacon
Two egg Two eggs with bacon

Omega Restaurant Egg Benedicts Menu

Traditional eggs benedict Egg florentine benedict
Country benny benedict California benedict
Southern benedict

Omega Restaurant Variety Favorites Menu

Breakfast combo Corned beef hash
Minced ham and 3 eggs, scramble Cheese blintzes

Omega Restaurant Coop-Deville Steak & Eggs Menu

Broiled chopped steak Broiled N.Y. strip steak
Skirt steak

Omega Restaurant The Skillet Corner Menu

Habo banquet Gypsy
Corned beef hash Veggie
Omega skillet Steak skillet
Mexican skillet Incredible skillet

Omega Restaurant Three Egg Omelettes Menu

Plain omelette Cheese omelette
Ham omelette Bacon omelette
Denver omelette Mushroom omelette
Vegetarian omelette Ham and cheese omelette
Spinach mushroom & feta omelette Feta cheese omelette
Jack denver omelette Incredible omelette
Bacado omelette Feta cheese omelette
Sicilian omelette Greek omelette
Farmers omelette Hawaiian omelette
Poncho omelette

Omega Restaurant Pancakes Menu

Buttermilk pancakes Junior apple pancakes
Large apple pancakes Dutch baby miniature
Large german pancakes

Omega Restaurant Crepes Menu

Plain crepes Delicate Suzette french crepes
Nutella crepes Cottage cheese crepes
Kijafa cherry crepes Chef’s crepes
Omega crepes Incredible crepes

Omega Restaurant Breakfast Menu Time

Omega restaurant serves breakfast 12 hours a week (Sunday to Saturday), So you can go any time in the week for breakfast in Omega restaurant.

If we tell about time then Omega restaurant serves 11:00 pm to 11:00 am

Omega restaurant  Breakfast Menu

Omega restaurant, Schaumburg menu

Omega Restaurant Italian Deshes Menu

Italian spaghetti or mostaccioli Veal parmesan
Chicken parmesan

Omega Restaurant Cuisine Via Greece Menu

Athenian style broiled chicken Athenian style skirt steak
Athenian style broiled chicken breast Mediterranean pasta
Gyros platter

Omega Restaurant Appetizers Menu

Potato skins w/bacon Famous greek saganaki
Onion rings Chicken fingers
Medium hot buffalo chicken wings Mozzarella sticks

Omega Restaurant Seafood Specialties Menu

la tilapia Broiled salmon
Broiled scrod Broiled fresh lake superior whitefish
Fried scallops Seafood platter special
French fried shrimp Broiled orange roughy

Omega Restaurant Dinner Suggestions Menu

Broiled calves liver Fried or Broiled half spring chicken
Homemade meatloaf Breaded pork tenderloin
Breaded veal cutlet Chicken quesadillas
Chicken stir fry Chicken fingers

Omega Restaurant Steak & Chops Menu

Broiled skirt steak Broiled chopped steak
Broiled N.Y. strip steak Broiled centre-cut pork chops
BBQ Canadian style back ribs

Omega Restaurant Gourmet Half Pound Burgers Menu

Schaumburg burger Omega burger
Belly buster BBQ texas burger
Avocado bacon blue cheeseburger Jalapeno cheddar bacon burger

Omega Restaurant Chicken Breast Sandwiches Menu

Chicken Philly Grilled chicken breast
Barbecue chicken breast Chicken swiss

Omega Restaurant Special Sandwiches Menu

Philly steak sandwich Beef belight
Tuna delight Sirloin caesar sandwich

Omega Restaurant Melt shop Menu

Patty melt Turkey avocado melt
Tuna melt Turkey island melt

Omega Restaurant Deli Shop Menu

Kosher-style corned beef Reuben sandwich
Black russian sandwich Russian Reuben sandwich

Omega Restaurant The Sandwich Shop Menu

Grilled cheese Bacon, Lettuce and tomoto
Chicken salad Pork chop sandwich
Monte cristo Stuffed pita
Tuna salad The big dipper
Grilled ham and cheese or bacon Sliced breast of turkey
Hearty grilled cheese Gyros sandwich

Omega Restaurant Hot Sandwich Menu

Hot turkey with cranberry sauce Hot Veal cutlet
Hot breaded pork tenderloin Hot meatloaf
Hot beef

Omega Restaurant 3-Decker Sandwich Shop Menu

Bacon, lettuce and tomato club Ham and cheese club
Sliced turkey, bacon, lettuce, and tomato club Triple threat club

Omega Restaurant Paninis Menu

Grilled chicken pesto panini Corned beef panini
Gyros panini TBC panini
Grilled veggie panini Malibu panini

Omega Restaurant Wraps Menu

Omega wrap Chicken caesar wrap
Julienne wrap

Omega Restaurant From the Garden Menu

BBQ chicken ranch salad Grecian salad
Mediterranean chop chicken salad Chicken caesar salad
Stuffed tomato California fresh fruit plate
Omega house favorite salad Cobb salad
Dear Julie Low-calorie plate
California fresh fruit plate Popeye’s favorite spinach salad

Omega Restaurant Omega’s low carb diet menu

Broiled chopped steak Broiled NY strip
Cheeseburger Broiled salmon fillet
Broiled chicken breast Garlic chicken

Omega Restaurant Customer Service


9100 W Golf Rd, Niles, IL 60714

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Omega Restaurant Near Me

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